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Description of an activity, dance lesson in English

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend time learning a fascinating dance class.
The way it worked is that there was a Colombian girl dancer as a teacher who explained every dance step. It all started when she was talking to all the crowd of supporters and the first thing we did was to get a slight warm-up of our bodies with a little stretching of our pair of arms, elbows, wrists, legs and the hips to avoid suffer a sprained ankle and negative effects in the future. Moreover, it even was extremely important to relax your body, so people could really get into dancing properly.
At first, she started showing us every dance step with rather slow movements, followed by much more complicated movements than expected. Next, she suggested that everyone should practice the dance steps with a partner who was next to each other in order to learn every movement and dance step efficiently.
Anyway, what happened is that everything took place without music and there were a lot of people who were not used to coordinating their bodies properly with several adequate body’s movements together with the ability to listening the rhythm of music. Therefore, it took loads of time to achieve a great performance. For those of you who don’t know the key thing of dancing is get an efficient coordination with every limb of your body as well as you are able to listen to the hidden counters in the music. In other words, it consists of following the pace, apart from doing it in the best possible way.
On the other hand, I consider that is a sensible way to enhance your brain capacity. In addition, you can finally enjoy this absolutely fantastic experience. If you are not used to dancing, there is no reason to worry about, in all likelihood you can also get used to being a skilful dancer with a recurring practice and surely, you will be able to enjoy it thoroughly in a long term.

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