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Elementary students

Click here to learn some Halloween vocabulary
Review the vocabulary learned with this word search  
Click here to play hangman.
Read a scary story.

Intermediate students

Click here to learn some Halloween vocabulary
Why is Halloween celebrated? Click here to learn the history behind this celebration 
watch this video and answer the questions.
Read the story behind Jack O'Lantern and take the quiz. 
Read about the tradition of ’trick-or-treating’:
Click here for some scary stories 

Advanced students

Phrasal verbs and Idioms for Halloween 
Why is Halloween celebrated? Click here to learn about the history behind this celebration
watch this video and find out

What is a superstition? What do you know about superstitions, omens and myths? Read this text and find out.
Do you like urban legends? Click here

Do you like cooking? Try one of these recipes
Easy Halloween cupcakes
Halloween Punch
Spooky Halloween Treats

Halloween yard displays

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